What makes you different from other organizers?
A Peaceful Home is a full-service organizing company led by Certified Professional Organizer®, Stephani Lipford. We can help with everything organizing from consultations and prioritizing efforts to de-cluttering, custom design, creating systems, and implementing organizational supplies. We maximize storage space, improve skills in organizing and time management, reduce and remove clutter, and develop systems to keep life running smoothly – filing, paperwork, clothes closets, garage, kitchens and pantries, kids rooms, and more.
What is a Certified Professional Organizer®?
In order to be designated a Certified Professional Organizer® one must complete and document 1500 hours of hands-on organizing services within the past 3 years and pass a written exam through The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers®. Working as a Professional Organizer since 2009, Stephani Lipford has more than 7,000 hours hands-on organizing experience in addition to countless time spent helping family and friends over the past 17 years. Re-certification is required on an ongoing basis demonstrating industry skills and knowledge, ethics, and professionalism, as well as a commitment to the field.
Service Area
A Peaceful Home is located in Tallahassee, FL and serves Leon County and surrounding communities. In Tallahassee: including Killearn, Southwood, Lake Jackson, Betton Hills, Bradfordville, Midtown, Downtown, Buck Lake. Outside Tallahassee: including Havana, Crawfordville, and Thomasville. Travel fees will be assessed based on your distance from Tallahassee. Not in our service area? We offer virtual services.
Do you offer a free consulatation?
A Peaceful Home offers a complimentary 20-minute Phone Consultation to help you determine if our services meet your needs -- so you can ask questions and get answers. We can schedule an In-Home Assessment to meet with you in your space. The In-Home Assessment is designed a useful tool to clarify and prioritize the organizing project, provide you with expert solutions to common organizing problems, provide a time estimate for each space, and motivate you to begin the organizing process.
Payment & Pricing
A Peaceful Home accepts cash, check and major credit cards and full payment is due at the end of each In-Home Assessment or Organizing Session. Pre-paid packages are due at the first Organizing Session and are non-refundable. Coaching Sessions are billed monthly. Hourly rates and bulk/package pricing can be found on our Work With Us page. See Client Agreement for full details.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made by phone 48 hours before the scheduled appointment so we have time to fill the canceled session. A reminder is sent via text or email several days prior to the appointment as a courtesy to our clients.

At the time of booking an In-Home Assessment or Organizing Session, we require a credit card to hold your appointment, however, your card will not be charged at that time. Cancellations of less than 48 hours of the scheduled appointment will be charged a cancellation fee of $75.

What does a Professional Organizer do?

“A Professional Organizer supports evaluation, decision-making, and action around objects, space, and data; helping clients achieve desired outcomes regarding function, order, and clarity.” –National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO)

Peaceful Home Professional Organizers give structure and create clarity out of clutter helping you cull, sort, and edit your belongings. Then we help you develop better organizing skills and habits so you can stay organized in the long term by containing, labeling, organizing, and creating systems according to your natural preferences. We transform your space into a well-designed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing one. We’re also experts in productivity helping you gain control over your time, focusing on what’s important, and helping you manage to-do lists.
Will you organize for me?
We are open to working with our clients depending on what working style best suits them. Many times we work side by side with clients so there’s a transference of skills and we give occasional homework to help reach your organizing goals. Other clients prefer the Professional Organizer to do the work from start to finish and the client has little to no input on the project. We also offer DIY services for clients who just need a little direction or are budget conscious.
How long does it take to get organized?
Organization is an on-going process. Working with a Professional Organizer helps you get back to an organized state and learn better skills and techniques. How long that process takes depends on many factors: the amount of clutter, the size of the project, how quickly you make decisions, your commitment to the project, and having the right materials and supplies. Having a Professional Organizer on your team helps the process go faster and helps you have greater success. Many projects are completed in a day or two. After that, there are maintenance strategies and ongoing support, like maintenance services and coaching, so you can stay organized. This is welcome news to our clients who have battled clutter and disorganization for years.
Can you help me prepare my home for sale?
As a Home Staging Expert® as well as Professional Organizer, our approach is to efficiently makeover your space, remove clutter, and stage to appeal to a broad range of buyers. We keep your budget in check and focus changes on key areas for a return on your investment. A typical price reduction occurs after a home is listed for a month. This can be a reduction of thousands of dollars. The homes we stage typically receive an offer within days of being listed.
Choosing a Professional Organizer

Choosing a Professional Organizer is a very personal choice. Finding an organizer that fits well with your personality and has the skills to help you succeed is key.

Here's a helpful list of questions you may want to ask a Professional Organizer before hiring.

You can also watch a video on how to choose a Professional Organizer.
Are you a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)?
Yes, thanks for asking. "NAPO has approximately 3,500 members dedicated to helping people and organizations bring order and efficiency to their lives." Learn more at NAPO.net.
Do you offer gift cards?
Give the gift of organization! We offer gift cards in any amount. Send an E-Gift Card instantly or to set up a physical gift card Contact Us. Visit our shop to purchase online and the gift card will be mailed to you or the recipient. If you need assistance choosing the best package, please contact us at 850-228-0183.