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Our homes should be a place of refuge not stress and overwhelm. Certified Professional Organizer®, Stephani Lipford, brings clarity to your organizing project, shows you how to declutter, and sets up simple, intuitive systems that are easy to use and maintain. Whether the whole house or just one room, we create a comprehensive plan and work hands-on to eliminate clutter, streamline your home, + simplify your life. Check out our Organizing Guide to get the best out of our services.

  • Professional Organizing + Decluttering

  • Home Office + Paper/Mail Organizing

  • Closet Organizing + Custom Design

  • New Home Unpacking + Organization

  • Home Staging + Styling

  • Maintenance



Bedroom + Bath | Closets | Garage | Kitchen + Pantry | Laundry Room | Mudroom | Office | Playroom + Nurseries | and More

01. Initial Consultation

Our first step in the Organization process. During this in-person meeting, we look at your physical space to understand how you live and work. After identifying organizing challenges, preferences, and storage dilemmas we recommend custom solutions to simplify and reclaim your home. We provide an estimate of organizing hours & create your Project Plan as a jumping off point to begin your project.


02. Home Organizing

Working together we streamline and transform your space top to bottom including stuff, paper, time, to-dos, and information. As we move thru our 3-step Organizing Process we help you clear clutter, place and store what you decide to keep, and cater your space to your style. Our holistic approach builds on your strengths to create intuitive systems and habits to help you stay organized. Included is space planning, re-purposing what you love, and improving flow in and among spaces. You receive a finished space to live and work from that is refreshing, productive and peaceful.

When you feel buried under your possessions and have mountains of clutter and are looking for quick relief. A guided, systematic, room-by-room de-cluttering of your entire house when you want a deep purge vs. “getting organized” for faster progress to a well-edited home. We help you decide what to keep and what leaves, coordinate donations and recyclables, and keep you motivated to complete the task. Reclaim your space and live clutter-free!

Custom shelving and storage cabinets maximize space and create convenient storage in some of the most used areas in a home. Our closet, pantry and garage makeovers begin with thorough editing, then design phase, practical placement + labeling, and personalized systems for long-term success. We also help coordinate donations and hand-select organizing products. The result is a beautiful, tailored space you enjoy using with places for all of your things.

Imagine getting dressed every morning made easier and putting away laundry made less of a chore. We will transform your closet as we edit your entire wardrobe – clothes/ accessories/ shoes. We determine your style, maximize your space, and reorganize your current space or create a custom design. Options like a grab + go section, where-to-donate resources, seasonal maintenance, and a custom list of missing pieces in your wardrobe take the guess work out of a closet makeover.

We help you tame paper pile ups by simplifying your file system, purging outdated paperwork, and helping you determine what to keep. Freedom Filer is the filing system we recommend to most of our clients for its color-coding, quick set-up, and maintenance-free benefits. As we customize a paper solution for your individual needs, we determine paper workflow and management throughout your home to give you easy retrieval for frequently accessed documents and proper archival storage.

With our interior redesign services, your space is re-imagined and updated. We help you determine key areas to focus styling efforts and develop a comprehensive design plan to transform your space top to bottom. Learning your personal style, vision and which furniture and accessories are your favorites, we re-purpose as needed and provide inspiration to shop for something new. We move lightweight furniture (giving direction on larger pieces), place accessories, and transform your home into a showplace. Available for general home makeovers and seasonal or holiday decorating.

Maintenance happens in two ways: Most of our clients easily maintain their space and the intuitive systems we implement. Other clients lead busy lives and are not able to commit the time necessary to keep systems in place – this is where Maintenance Organizing comes in. We want you to be successful in getting and staying organized – we return to refresh your space and provide ongoing support. Giving your space regular attention to preserve current systems and identify when your space needs updating guarantees success. Relabeling, adjusting to life transitions, swapping out seasonal clothing, mini decluttering sessions, and reorganizing holiday decorations are regular maintenance activities. Maintenance packages available for current clients.


03. Moving + Relocations

Start off organized in your new home. When you are busy and don’t know where to start, we create order, maximize space and implement custom organization. We determine furniture placement, establish functionality in work zones like offices and kitchens, make up beds, and fully organize linen closets. A place for everything and everything in it place, from a few cabinets to beautifully setting up and organizing the entire house. Our unpacking services don't include furniture assembly or moving large pieces of furniture or anything over 35 pounds.

Staging costs less that the “all too common” price reduction. When you want to declutter and professionally stage your home to sell, A Peaceful Home specializes in both! Our first step of clutter clearing and space planning shows off available square footage. Then we correctly market your space to appeal to a broad range of buyers so you can sell quickly and for more profit. Imagine your home more ordered, inviting, and brighter. Our difference is removing the clutter so you don't move with it, aiming to stage with what you already own, and improving flow from room to room. We also enhance curb appeal and recommend aesthetic updates for the greatest return. Available as a consultation or full-service staging.

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