Simplify, unclutter, thrive

When you are looking for a comprehensive plan to unclutter your home and expert guidance to simplify your life, A Peaceful Home offers full-service organizing services to put your life in order.

We work together to streamline and transform your space top to bottom. After determining your priorities, we move thru our 3-step Organizing Process to clear clutter, place and store what you decide to keep, and cater your space to your style. It’s all about setting up your home so it is true to you. Our holistic approach builds on your strengths to create intuitive systems to help you stay organized. You receive a finished space to live and work from that is refreshing, productive, and peaceful so you can focus on what matters most.

Interested in going deeper? Our 1:1 coaching sessions will help you clear not only physical clutter, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. As we focus on your priorities, you’ll become more intentional, develop self-care routines, change self-defeating habits, and get unstuck.





Although I have read every home organization book ever published and given real effort to implement them, they do not even come close to what Stephani does. A Peaceful Home offers real help and real training for how to make your life run well. Her guidance has even spilled over into my work life, too. Amazing.
— Anne C.