"My household runs so much better"

"Customized help that is not available in any organizing book or website"

Stephani has a real gift for turning clutter into clarity. She re-imagined my space and created whole systems in my home that have already increased my effectiveness and my happiness. She is incredibly hard working, steady, energetic, and very smart. Best of all she is a dream to work with---kind and non-judgmental as well as funny and helpful. She shows up on time and not a minute is wasted---100% worth the fee. If you are ready to streamline and reorganize your life, Stephani will make a comprehensive plan that actually works for your individual situation. I recommend Stephani and A Peaceful Home most highly! 

— Anne

"Helped me organize & optimize our office storage space"

Stephani, with A Peaceful Home, came to our office to help us get situated and organized after we moved our company to a new location. We were overwhelmed by the enormity of the task but Stephani was able to come in and get us focused. She worked closely with me to go through each of our problem areas and helped me organize and optimize our office storage space. Had we not utilized her services, our office would still be a jumbled mess. Everyone in the office was pleasantly surprised by what we accomplished by having Stephani directing and working alongside me. 

— Amanda


"Your tips and advice were practical to start using right away"

"Your tips and advice were practical to start using right away"

“Stephani, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak at our last MOPS meeting. As busy moms, we feel like we are in a constant state of chaos & clutter at home. Many moms said how excited and motivated they were to go home & start organizing their lives. It was just the bit of encouragement that we all needed to start the ‘Spring Cleaning’ ritual a bit early.  Thank you again for sharing your time with us.” 

– Lisa


"Systems we came up with together are so clear and simple to stick with"

"I have been meaning to thank you for everything you have taught me and the time and thought you put into the work you do with me. Your instincts have been so good, and your efforts are making such a difference. The systems we came up with together are so clear and simple to stick with which really helps. Last weekend I was helping out some of my family, and I really thought about the ideas and techniques we've been using and it helped SO much there as well.  I have a long way to go I know, and am still overwhelmed by it all, but I can't thank you enough because I finally have a feeling that I can make real, lasting progress and become and stay organized even in the middle of such a chaotic time! Thank you so much!" 

– Anonymous Client


"It is a pleasure to walk in there and be able to see everything at once"

"Just a note to say thank you again for my new closet. I am enjoying it so much. It is a pleasure to walk in there and be able to see everything at once and have room to move things around too...Keep up the good work." 

– Sylvia

"How to make your life run well"

I have read every organization book ever published and given real effort to implementing them, but they are not even close---this is real help and real on-site training for how to make your life run well. It has spilled over into my work life, too: I am using her principles in my office as well. Amazing. I thought it was just going to help me clean out some closets, but the filing system, the time management, the space, the decor and design (she has great taste, too)---all of it has been beneficial in a major, major way that has improved my life in ways I didn't even begin to expect. 

— Anne C.


"My life is already a little less chaotic"

With the little we have done, I am not as stressed in the morning when I am getting ready for work and this is what we are working towards..I am so anxious to get this done, my life is already a little less chaotic than what it was...I am feeling it coming together now...The laundry system, drawer and cabinet organization along with the closet reorg has made my mornings and cooking much less stressed...[we] have seen a big change in being able to find things quickly.  Saves both of us a lot of time and stress.

— Beverly


"A Peaceful Home' is the exact right name for what you do"

"Working with you has been nothing short of amazing. I'm so glad we finally called you.  The sense of calm I feel when I'm in the spaces we've worked on is palpable. It's incredible how the relationship [between/with] inner peace and the condition of exterior spaces in one's life are so inner connected. 'A Peaceful Home' is the exact right name for what you do." 

– Lori

"A Peaceful Home' is the exact right name for what you do"

"Knows exactly how to recreate your life and your space"

I hired A Peaceful Home to help me organize my business. Stephani is amazing and knows exactly how to recreate your life and your space. She helped me dig myself out of a ton of paperwork. She created areas within the business to function better, and organized the entire office. Now I am able to go into my office and accomplish my daily goals instead of being buried in the chaos. Hiring A Peaceful Home was the best decision. I'm able to function better, so is my staff, and in-turn has increased my revenue...

– M.S., Business Owner


"Helped me organize years of stuff" 

Stephani helped me organize years of "stuff" (mine and others) after I downsized...I would definitely hire her again and again.

– Jan

"My household runs so much better"

I can really tell the difference. My household runs so much better even with all the illnesses, meetings, appointments, toys, playdates, emergencies, going ons, etc. of 7 people. 

– Rebecca


"Our home space is finally, FINALLY peaceful indeed"

We were apprehensive at calling someone to come into our home and go through our entire house, but we found the security that we needed after the first consultation with Stephani Lipford.  Stephani is highly professional, good natured, and most importantly dedicated to us. She understood our goals and worked tirelessly at helping us achieve them while at the same time having a very accommodating schedule.  Our home space is finally, FINALLY peaceful indeed, thanks Stephani.

– Jason & Elena

"Your work is phenomenal!"

I believe that the updates and your advice about de-cluttering and staging were definitely instrumental in making our house more desirable. Your work is phenomenal!

 Linda, Real Estate Staging Client